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Hi, I'm Kuroji Fusky! A fox-husky abomination

My family disowned me for being a failure

Art by  catastrophe#6282

I'm a 20-year-old independent self-taught hobbyist individual in the Philippines with a wide range set of skills, working on modern web technologies, UI/UX design. As well as video editing, filmmaking, and indie music production.

I usually work on my own accord, handle everything on my own and rely on other external sources to improve. I have a diverse portfolio ranging from my open-source projects, to other forms of art like videos and self-produced music all on my own!

If there are any questions that you're just curious about, check the FAQs section!

Open Source Projects

Art & Biro Site Redesign

Art & Biro Site Redesign

A faithful redesign from a webcomic that's more lively design-wise to reflect more from the first chapter of the comic. Written in Next.js 13 with TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Framer Motion, and Three.js. Still work in progress!

Paco Drawing Stats

Paco Drawing Stats

A data visualization project that collects drawing data from characters, styles, etc. from a furry artist Paco Panda. Written in Python and MIT Licensed. Still work in progress!



A search engine you can query comic strips and characters from the Housepets! webcomic series by Rick Griffin.

Biro Design System

Biro Design System

A UI library and work-in-progress design language I've created, heavily inspired by Fandom Wiki, Microsoft, Apple, and Google's Material UI

Questions and Stuff

You can find my character's ref sheet here!

I'm not cute, stop calling me a cutie lol

Well, sort of... I personally think that Patreon might be an overkill as it's focused on one thing and that one thing only. Unless if it's an ambious project that's worth sharing or complete, then yes, I am considering open a Pateron page in the future!

But for now, I use Ko-fi as a easy and direct way to support my work!

Well, yes! In fact, feel free to look at the source code for this website!

For websites, I mainly use Vercel - but in some cases, I use Netlify instead.

For the backend, I've previously used services like Heroku and DigitalOcean but I switched to Railway for its cost effectiveness, especially for all the Heroku migrators.

I currently use Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit my videos! I also use Adobe Audition for audio fine-tuning as well! Previously, I've edited videos with Sony Vegas, AVS Video Editor, and even Windows Movie Maker before making a final switch to strictly all Adobe products in mid-2017.

For third-party plugins, I use Red Giant Universe and/or Boris FX Sapphire to give the videos the enhancement 💅 it needs.

It's a part of Premiere Pro's legacy subtitling feature before it was stripped away following the 2020 releases, which is a bummer.

Here's a full-on nerd explanation: basically, there is an option for a CEA-608 (Line 21) and CEA-708, with the first one probably for VHS videos or something and with the latter having more options for colors and positioning.

Yes! My entire music catalog isn't covered by any royalties or major music publishers just yet! In fact, I'll be releasing stems as much as I can so anyone is free to remix it!

It's a long story... I couldn't explain it in full just yet.

I need your help!

I'm currently 20 years old and I don't and never will have a typical 9-5 job. My only source of income comes from YouTube revenue for my crappy YTPs, from music streams (just barely), and Kofi donations (usually attached on all of my open-source projects).

I'm not asking much at all, but if you are obligated or just to generally support my work, doesn't matter if it's either from my open-source projects, videos, or music! I'll be using these to pay the costs on the infrastructure of my projects (although, saying to afford cool stuff is too cliche and boring lol)