Born on March 15, 2002 from the Summer Capital of the Philippines, I strive to be an independent and self-taught content creator and software engineer.

I find myself hard to label into one thing because I do a multitude of things; on one hand, I make videos, and on the other hand, I write code just for the fun of it.

Having a wide and diverse range of skill sets, ranging from producing music, visual FX, and programming, I always look ways to inspire future generations through my unique artistic interpretation.

I grew attached with computers when my dad introduced it to me when I was 6 years old, pre-loaded with flash games since we didn’t have access to the internet at the time.

When my family eventually got access to the interwebs, my curiosity was immediately peaked. Exposing myself to the late-2000s and early-2010s memes and internet culture—browsing countless YouTube videos and flash games on Newgrounds.

Now currently in my 20s, I stay couped up in my room 24/7, either maintaining my own personal projects on GitHub, or making hot garbage videos on YouTube.