Definitely not a cutie

I'm a hobbyist individual

My full name is Kerby Keith Aquino (pronounce my first name as Kirby, from a video game series); I'm currently 20 years old and I reside from the mountainous regions in the Philippines. My peers go by me as Kuroji Fusky (previously skepfusky).

Current Hobbies or Skills

Video editor

With a decade of experience as far as back in 2010, currently transitioned to Premiere Pro since 2017, with intermediate After Effects knowledge


Along side editing videos, filmmaking has became my hobbies and to expand my way of storytelling with entriguing and high-quality visuals

Indie music producer

I do have an okay-ish experience with FL Studio since beginning in mid-2017, especially for mastering, production, and a bit of audio engineering during the pandemic

SFM 3D animations

Not much of a serious hobby: it's a phase when FNAF was a big thing I swear lol

Full stack web development

A recent side-hussle for transitioning writing Fandom wiki pages since August 2021; I know a decent amount of JavaScript, TypeScipt, and Python

Embedded and systems programming

I have a niche interest on how computers work on a hardware-level and would love to get into Arudino tinkering - eager in learning C++ and Rust

UI/UX and graphic design

Something that translates well with both editing videos, photos, and web development