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Ref sheet by KuteKittyKat
Brown lol#6d390d
Vibrant Orchid#bb3eed
Royal Blue#2076c5
Sky Cyan#48ddf7
Bright Yellow#f8d817
Pale Orange#fce392
Sclera(white eye part)#f3edcd

Kuroji is a blue and yellow fox-husky hybrid or fusky; and was originally a husky. Wearing thick black glasses and a purple t-shirt with white outlines, and completely pantless! (lmao)

Mixing with a typical traits both of a fox and a husky, he's a wholesome, outgoing, yet weird personality and he easily gets soft when he's immediately flattered and starts blushing intensely (lol)

Why a husky? Why a fox?

My fursona was initially a husky until when I'm talking to a friend of mine talking about the usual furry stuff and immediately had an idea to become a fox-husky hybrid; since I equally had a fascination with both foxes and huskies with both their traits after looking at some interesting facts online.

During my childhood, I grew up watching various shows and movies I've grown up, most notably The Fox And The Hound 2, theBalto trilogy, Bolt, 101 Dalmatians, and others. (Most of them are Disney movies; unrelated, but I used to watch a lot of Care Bears if you're that old lol) But I think that Bolt and Balto are what influenced it, well sort of... mainly since I like its pure appearance, courageous, and charismatic qualities are what makes me like them the most initially. Including foxes as well!